Land surveying in Ukraine

Land surveying

Our technical facilities allow us to provide land surveying works (geodesical and topographical works) with the high standarts.

Regarding the Land surveying

Privatisation of the land plots in Ukraine

Privatisation of the land plots

We prepare the land allocation projects required to obtain land in ownership or lease.

Regarding the land allocation projects

Crop rotation projects in Ukraine

Crop rotation projects

Our company develops crop rotation projects and secures obtaiment of all required approvals from authoraised bodies. ]

Regarding the crop rotation projects

Removal of the fertile layer of soil in Ukraine

Removal of the fertile layer of soil

Our company prepares working projects regarding the removal, relocation and storage of the fertile layer of soil for obtaiment of all the necessary permissions

Regarding the removal of the fertile layer of soil

Land management works in Ukraine, Kyiv

Welcome to the official website of our company "Trade House "Land", LLC ("Zemlevporyadnik" is a brand name). Our company is established in 2007 and thus has extensive expertise on the Ukrainian market of land management works. The company has all the necessary permits and licences to carry out the works. Our stuff is knowledgeable, experienced and certified by all required authorities.

We offer various kinds of land management works, such as:

  • Land allocation projects;
  • Technical documentation regarding (a) establishment of boundaries of the land plots; (b) splitting or merging the land plots;
  • Crop rotation projects for agricultural needs;
  • Working projects regarding removal, relocation and storage of the fertile layer of soil (which is required for construction, natural resources production);
  • Land appraisal projects, including normative-monetary and expert land evaluation; and
  • Land surveying (geodesical and topographical works).

Furthermore, we provide full legal support regarding land acquisition and disposal for companies and individuals for different needs, including, agricultural, construction of commercial and private property.

We are based in Kyiv, however we provide our services all over Ukraine.

To find the land plots in Ukraine you could use our article Public cadastral map of Ukraine

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