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Cadastral survey of a land plot in Ukraine

Cadastral surveying involves determining the coordinates of a land plot, points of turning angles, restrictions, boundaries of neighboring land plots, contours of buildings and other data. The cadastral survey data is one of the bases for drawing up a cadastral plan of a land plot when developing any type of land management documentation, whether it is a land management project for land allocation, change of land use, crop rotation project, working project for removal, movement and storage of fertile soil layer, or technical documentation for establishing the boundaries of a land plot.

Cadastral survey of a land plot in Ukraine

The cadastral survey is carried out by a certified surveyor using special instruments (total station, RTK GNSS systems). The cadastral survey data must be linked to the points of the State Geodetic Network of Ukraine. During the cadastral survey, the measuring device stores data that is subsequently used by the land surveyor in the development of land management documentation.

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What can CadastreService:

  • find information about the land plot by cadastral number (form of ownership, category, designated purpose code, type of use, area, as well as address and regulatory monetary value of the land plot, if any);
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  • check the accuracy of the data on the category of the land plot;
  • show the location of the land plot on the map;
  • show the overlap of land plots on the map, if any;
  • create a route to the land plot using Google Maps.

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