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Topographic survey of a land plot in Ukraine

Topographic surveying is a type of geodetic survey that results in the preparation of a terrain plan and a topographic map. During a ground topographic survey, a surveyor measures heights, distances, turning angles, etc. Topographic surveying can also be carried out with the help of aircraft that take pictures of the earth's surface - space, aerial photography.

Topographic surveying can be performed at different scales, but the most common is at a scale of 1:500. This scale is often used in design, reconstruction, development of master plans, and other cases. At a scale of 1:500, it is possible to identify utilities and coordinate them with the relevant operating organizations.

Topographic survey of a land plot in Ukraine

Topographic surveying takes place in several stages:

  • the stage of field work;
  • stage of desk work;
  • preparation of a technical report.

At the stage of field work, the company conducts a survey of the area, takes a picture of the terrain using an electronic total station, identifies and surveys underground utilities, and links the results to the points of the State Geodetic Network of Ukraine.

In the course of desk work, the land surveyor uses the results obtained by the surveyors to develop a plan with all the objects of the land plot (buildings, structures, utilities, roads, red lines of streets, etc.) identified during the topographic survey.

Preparation of a topographic plan is the final stage of topographic and geodetic works. After the results of the topographic survey are approved by the urban planning and architecture authorities, the latter, in particular, can be used to develop a construction project, obtain a construction passport, etc.

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