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Registration of the right to a land plot in the State Register of Property Rights in Ukraine. The procedure 2024

You can register your ownership or other rights (lease, easement, superficies, emphyteusis, etc.) to land through your local administrative service center (ASC) or a notary. It is after registration in the state register of real rights to real estate that the relevant right arises, changes or terminates.

It is important to understand that you can only register a right to a land plot that has already been assigned a cadastral number. If the cadastral number has not yet been assigned, you must go through the procedure for its assignment. To do this, review the procedure for assigning a cadastral number to a land plot.

For reference. The rules for registration of rights to real estate, including land, are defined, in particular, by the Procedure for State Registration of Real Property Rights and Encumbrances, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1127 dated December 25, 2015, which came into force on January 1, 2016.

If you recall, until 2013, land ownership was confirmed by a state certificate of ownership of a land plot, which could be obtained at the local office of the State Committee for Land Resources.

Today, after the data on a land plot is included in the state land cadastre and an extract from the SLC is obtained from the local office of the StateGeoCadastre, you need to contact the local ASC or a notary to register your right to the land plot. At the ASC, you can register ownership, lease, easement, superficies, emphyteusis, encumbrances on real estate, etc. The most common case is usually the registration of ownership of a land plot, which we will discuss below in a step-by-step procedure with sample documents.

Step-by-step procedure for registering the right to a land plot

1. Determine the registration authority

First, you need to decide on a convenient administrative service center (ASC) or notary to apply for registration. At the ASC, you pay only the administrative fee, but there may be queues. A notary, on the contrary, is more expensive (administrative fee + notary services), but everything is convenient and without queues.

It is important to note that you can register the right to a land plot only at an ASC or a notary who works in the same region where the land plot is located. The addresses of local ASCs to which documents should be submitted for registration of land ownership can be found on the Internet, for example, by entering the query "ASC of Borshchahivska ATC" in the search engine.

2. Prepare and submit a package of documents

Next, you need to prepare a package of documents for submission to the local ASC or notary, which will include:

  • an extract from the State Land Cadastre (SLC);
  • original passport of the applicant;
  • original identification number;
  • confirmation of payment of the administrative fee (0.1 of the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons, as of 2024 - UAH 302,80). If you are registering the right on the basis of an old-style state act, the registration must be free of charge (clause 1, part 9, article 34 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Registration of Real Rights to Real Estate and Their Encumbrances");
  • document - the basis for the right to the land plot (purchase and sale agreement (gift, exchange, etc.), court decision, decision of the ATC on the transfer of the land plot into ownership, certificate of inheritance, etc;)
  • power of attorney if the documents are submitted by a representative (notarized);
  • original passport, identification number of the representative, if the documents are submitted by a representative.

An application for registration of a right is printed by a state registrar or notary and signed by the applicant on the spot.

3. Get the finished document

The total period for consideration of documents submitted to the state registrar is up to 5 business days (not calendar days!). Upon expiration of this period, you will be able to obtain an extract from the state registrar from the register of property rights.

It should also be noted that Art. 34 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Registration of Real Property Rights and Encumbrances" provides for the possibility to reduce the five-day period to 2 days, 24 hours and 2 hours, but the fee for registration of the right in such cases will be much higher.

After registering your right in the State Register of Property Rights, you will become the full owner of the land plot and will be able to dispose of it at your own discretion (including selling, donating, exchanging, etc.).

We remind you that until 2016, one of the following documents could be obtained as a result of the registration of rights:

Currently, it is possible to obtain only an extract on the state registration of rights.

You can check whether a right is registered in the State Register of Property Rights by using the official electronic service on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

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